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The Netherlands - Japan

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The Netherlands – Japan
A collection of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, National Diet Library

In 1609, nine years after the Dutch had first set foot on Japanese soil, the Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie (the Dutch East India Company) entered into trading relations with this distant and unknown country. After some time, Dutch merchants and their followers were allowed to establish themselves on the small island of Deshima in the bay of Nagasaki. The Dutch flag was to fly there for more than two hundred and fifty years. For almost the whole duration, the Dutch were the only Europeans given permission to live in the country.


They lost this exceptional position in the middle of the nineteenth century, when Japan was forced to open its borders. After the Meiji Restoration, Japanese-Dutch relations had a different purport and substance.

In 2009, the two countries celebrate the 400th anniversary of their relationship. The Koninklijke Bibliotheek (National Library of the Netherlands) and the National Diet Library of Japan have devoted part of their websites to their unique common history.

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037 Tea house in Kyoto
038 Gerhardus Fabius (1806-1868)
039 Deshima
040 Shimonoseki
041 Miako
042 Edo
043 The Shogun’s Palace
044 The Emperor’s Palace
045 Pompe van Meerdervoort’s hospital
046 Persecution of the Christians
047 Dutch group with elephant
048 Titia, Johannes and Petronella
049 Osaka fort
050 The trading post on Hirado [ Blog ]
051 Procession on its way to the Shogun’s court
052 Girl in kimono
053 Seppuku
054 Cornelia van Nijenrode (1630-?1692)
055 A samurai
056 Soembing/Kanko-maru
057 The arrest of the Bresken’s crew
058 NHM staff Yokohama
059 Persian horse
060 Persian horses
061 Jacques Specx (c 1585-?) [ Blog ]
062 Dutch group in Yokohama
063 A Dutch ship
064 A Dutch sailing ship
065 Bombardment of Shimonoseki
066 Bridge in the rain [ Blog ]
067 Courtesan
068 Hayashi Kenkai
069 Itou Genpaku
070 Matsuki Koan
071 Uchida Tsunejiro
072 Kaiyo-maru

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